We are proud to announce that also at this year Model Checking Contest 2017, TAPAAL won a silver medal both in the reachability category and also in the CTL model checking category. We are very glad to release a new TAPAAL 3.3.0 version that now includes also the newest implementation of the verifypn (untimed) engine as well as a full GUI support and integration of the CTL engine. The main new features include:

  • new CTL query creation dialog when modelling untimed nets
  • new CTL untimed verification engine verifypn
  • rapid drawing of nets - when holding down ctlr/cmd while creating a place/transition, continue clicking and the GUI will alternate in creating places and transitions while connecting them by arcs
  • the view menu now has the option to display tokens as dots when they are of age 0 numerous bug fixes and minor GUI improvements
  • 64 bit engines for windows users

We are not distributing 32 bit binaries anymore as we do not think they used. Should you miss them, let us know please. On Mac OS X you need to have at least the version 10.9 of the OS.